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Roses ROund

Who is riding tomorrow?

I am doing the short ride, the 50 miler.

Say hello, i will be the slow guy on the hills (going up) in my Yellow and Black bee jersey.
Just a fat bloke on a bike


  • andywggandywgg Posts: 303
    We did the long route today - what a cracking route! Haven't done either of those hills before - really enjoyed the cross 'o greet hill out of slaidburn - think we might have seen you at the top of that, Howie, having a bit of a stretch! The last couple of miles felt a bit brutal when you're tired - into the wind and steadily uphill.

    What was the mileage on the short route? I'm not sure it'd be 50 if you were going back via Wigglesworth - that can only be 10 miles or so from Settle?

    Hope you enjoyed your day!
    may the dawes be with you...

  • andywggandywgg Posts: 303
    Results are up.
    may the dawes be with you...

  • Well iw as!!

    I signed up for the 96km route, which then turned out to be 36 miles.

    Then with the confusion coming out of Settle and getting lost, it eneded up being 40 miles. I rode back with a lovely lady from Fort William who knew the way.

    Lovely ride with a couple of meaty descents, but ot one stretch of flat road. My chest hurts today becasue i was breathing so heavy.

    Only had to walk the last 20 yards of the big long moor climb, and that right little leg snapper just near Settle.

    Wait until i am at racing weight, i will fly up them hills!!

    And i got back before the time keeper cleared off HURRRAHHH!!!!
    Just a fat bloke on a bike
  • andy_wrxandy_wrx Posts: 3,396
    Well done Howie !

    Keep the motivation, lose that weight and look forward to just spinning up those hills
    (- it won't get any easier, you'll go at it just as hard but you'll be doing it quicker !)
  • vermootenvermooten Posts: 2,697
    Yes good work Howie!
    You just have to ride like you never have to breathe again.

    Manchester Wheelers
  • Benny HoneBenny Hone Posts: 43
    I'd like to thank the guy in the cartoony cycling top who helped me out with a much needed spare inner above Halton Gill. I'd punctured literally half a mile further back and used my only inner tube there and unbelievably, I hit a nasty hole in the ground only a minute or two after the previous repair and punctured again. I must apologise to the woman who I was riding alongside at the time for my immoderate language!

    I had a support crew (my wife was waiting at Grassington) but by the time the two spare inners I remembered were in the boot of the car were produced, the guy had ridden off before I could return one to him and I didn't see him at the finish either. Regrettably I don't know his name but once again, I send out my thanks to him for saving my day.
    Your optimism strikes me like junk mail addressed to the dead.
  • andywggandywgg Posts: 303
    Think that was us - my mate Andrew gave you the tube. This is he:

    Not a problem - glad to be able to help!
    may the dawes be with you...

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