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Hernia - strain?

MattRhinoMattRhino Posts: 70
No sooner do I buy a new bike and jump back on and I get a 'strain' around the area where I had a keyhole hernia a couple of years ago. I don't think the guaze has moved as there is no lump but I seem to get a tight pull on the upstroke when riding (more around the former site of the lump).
I'm hoping it is simply unused (and weaker around the hernia) muscles and am taking climbs gently (not easy where I live!!!).
I will, of course, consult my GP if it carries on but has anyone else had a similar experience?


  • KonaMikeKonaMike Posts: 805
    Well worth a quick trip to the GP as you say.
  • 320DMsport320DMsport Posts: 306
    Very smilar thing with me, hernia op over two years ago and recently had the same thing.

    Also doing crunches irritates it.

    I had 2 weeks of the bike due to holiday, got back on and it's fine.

    Think i was over doing it abit and was worried about the hernia coming back, but no lump.

    If it came back you would know, i would as i spotted it soon as it arrived last time!

    I think it's scar tissue being tender, my doc said that anyway.
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