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Fort William to Dunoon

wilderbeestwilderbeest Posts: 21
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OK, I think 'expedition' might be stretching it a bit, but, next week I am planning to do the west highland way with a friend from fort william as far as the top of loch lomond, then cutting across to Dunoon on the Clyde question is really, how do i do this while avoiding the suicidal stretch of road at the top of loch lomond on its western shore.......the plan is to get to Arrochar alive. Anyway, rumour has it that theres a path cutting across somewhere near Tyndrum....not sure where exactly....has anyone else done this route, or anything similar?.....Thanks.....I also posted this in the 'road' forum so apologies for duplicta posting


  • woodywmbwoodywmb Posts: 657
    I haven't done this route in its entirety but I've done each section. I can't see Tyndrum path on MemoryMap or OS Explorer on line. I would suggest you stay on the east of Loch Lomond to Inversnaid and ferry over to the other side. (The singletrack from Inversnaid to Cailness is uncyclable in my opinion). On the other side of the water you are only half a mile away from the Loch Sloy water board route at Inveruglas. This takes you up and over to Coiregrogain which is a great haunt of walkers. Don't think the path is as rough as it shown on the map - much of it is tarred or hard mettled. A car could cope with the terrain. On the way down to Arrochar there are two very different routes. The path shown to the left of Loin Water is indirect but is a typical wide forest logging road. The path on the east is not as well mapped but is a cracking downhill mountain bike run. Check out the routes guide from Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative. Great MTB country here and you need only cycle half a mile on the A82. The ferry trip would add to the adventure and provide a good break en route. Best of luck! ... ardinal=10
  • Thanks for the reply mate......I think that's going to be the plan of attack...get the ferry over. Don't fancy pedalling on that Loch Lomond road one bit. I think we'll need to camp at Loch lomond as the pedal is 38 miles from tarbet to Dunoon. The question is where to stop, I have 3 or 4 days to do it but the first day (tuesday) will be the train to Ft Willie which doesn't get there til midday.....I'm wondering I'f I can get as far as Glencoe/kingshouse on the first day....hmm...I know its going to be a slog starting off up glen nevis as I've walked that bit.....then the second day from glencoe to loch lomond, and the third from there to dunoon.....I pedalled 44 miles from Ayr to Inverkip and felt not too bad, but this is on the flat so my fitness is still a big question....not been biking for too long.....I'm getting pretty excited about it all though...cannae wait.
  • woodywmbwoodywmb Posts: 657
    Ayr to Inverkip is a doddle on both the flat coastal road and the cycle path/back road route!! Did you go via the Loch Thom climb? Enjoy Loch Lomond.
  • EffohEffoh Posts: 25
    Hi mate,

    I've walked the WHW and if you don't think you can make the Kingshouse, there's a bunkhouse (which also lets you tent in their grounds if you want) in Kinlochleven - when I get home from work I'll look up the details if you want?

    Definitely do NOT bike the Loch Lomond road!


  • No, didn't do the Loch Thom climb.....I intend to use Inverkip-cornalees-largs circular as my training route of choice since i have moved to Inverkip......Ayr to Inverkip a doddle....well, ok, maybe if your fit.....I'm not as I'm totally new to all this. I was fine until the Skelmorlie coastal bit, then it was into the wind....38 miles before legs were jelly for a wee while. felt ok after it and done 17 miles next day up through Gourock-greenock and still felt ok, so on a personal level, it was the biggest cycle I've done and at my fitness level it was a reasonably satisfying achievement.

    Just packing for fort william the day after tomorrow......I know I'm going to suffer on this one, and I'm just hoping the weather will improve, but defo champing at the bit
  • Effoh.....yeah, I camped on that wee kinlochleven site when I walked the WHW last year in february....nice wee place and nice people running it. -10C on the campsite and still 3 tents;).....hopefully I'll get past there on the first day least thats the intention....'the best laid plans o mice and men' they say!
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