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A couple of months out....

SteKSteK Posts: 148
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Thanks to the seasonal nature of the industry I work in I'm going to find myself with 2/3 months spare at the end of 08/start of 09.

I've never travelled and, at 25 years old - and with important career choices looming, I see this as being a great little opportunity to reassure myself that the world doesn't drop off at the edge of Yorkshire....

I'd really like some advice. My plan is to travel light (one large case and one bike), live as cheaply as possible and train somewhere warm and fun - I'm quite willing to fly long-haul!!! I don't plan to use the bike as trasport - toying with the possibilty of buying a cheapy van and using it as a means to take me places.

I'd be genuinely happy in youth hostels/camp sites (weather pending) - I plan on this being a little bit of 'me' time - away from the city life and the ever ringing mobile phone.

Any thoughts on where would be good to go?? Also - if anyone has done anything similar - what kind of budget I should account for etc??

I'm certain I'm going somewhere.. just to work out the details of where, why, how, etc!!!

Muchos gracias for any help.



  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    Why not use the bike as your means of transport, head off somewhere spectacular (much of Africa and South America would be good at that time of year) and have an adventure?

    A 3 month trip in Southern Africa lasting 3 months could cost as little as £1500 all in.

    Just an idea :wink:
    More problems but still living....
  • SteKSteK Posts: 148
    Interesting, I'd been considering this as like a 3 momth training camp escaping from the UK at the moment I like the idea of taking my summer road bike and coming back with thatl pro-cyclist tan is a favourable one!! - but I think as an overall experience using the bike as trasport could be a great way forward....

    I have a good friend who's originally from Colombia, so I'm sure he'd gladly help out if I opted for South America as my location of choice....

    What kind of bike would you recommend for that kind of trip??
  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    I can see the attraction of your original idea, but you can get the porcyclist tan and have an adventure.....

    As for the bike, well I use an On One Inbred built up with mostly Deore LX/XT bits. Keeping things simple is the idea so no fancy hydraulic discs or air sprung suspension.
    More problems but still living....
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