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side entry solid 0ne man tent £150 ish any suggestions pls

pedro0141pedro0141 Posts: 14
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im looking out for a solid lightweight one man tent with a long side entrance for a friend of mine has to be lightweight as were planning to do abit of cycle-camping also it has to have a decent vestibule for storing gear and cooking in etc i understand this is alot to ask for the money as ive paid nearly 300 for my akto any suggestions thanks


  • I just bought this:-

    Went in to buy a tunnel style came out with this one. $450 Au, but seems cheaper in US. Don't know about UK. I ffound this had so much more room & lighter (therefore > expensive) than the one I intended to buy :D
  • pedro0141pedro0141 Posts: 14
    edited June 2008
    thanks for that it looks very nice but its trying to find a stockist in or a round the glasgow area
  • pedro0141pedro0141 Posts: 14
    is that it must be will keep the eyes peeled ty
  • PHcpPHcp Posts: 2,748
    I used a Cloleman Epsilon for a couple of years, the current equivalent is the Avior; ... or_X2.html

    It has both front and long side entrances, goes up quickly, handles the wind well, never leaked and is a reasonable weight (2.4kg) Of course there's better tents, the mesh inner makes it unsuitable for cold weather and more space for the weight is available if you're prepared o spend more, but for 3 season cycle camping I found it more than adequate.
    If you shop around you can find them for under £70.
    I replaced mine with a TN Solar2.2, a better tent in every respect, but at four times the price it's certainly not four time better.
  • wanna be really light? get a tarp and a bivvi bag
    In the valley of high oil prices the cyclist is king!
  • pedro0141pedro0141 Posts: 14
    does anyone know of an outlet in the west of scotland who stock the msr hubba one manner thanks
  • pedro0141pedro0141 Posts: 14
    thanks guys for the sugestions the tarp sounds interesting but not what hes looking for as for the coleman seen one up at a local store and it didnt fill with great confidence sure its not a bad tent though
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