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advice please

Mark AlexanderMark Alexander Posts: 2,277
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Hi, I'm looking for any advice. I have never ridden on an indoor track but am planning on having a go next week.
i've been trying to find information about the bikes/makes and any basic info would be welcome but I search the net and only come up with sites about riding fixed on the road!

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  • Eddy SEddy S Posts: 1,013

    There have been a couple of threads in a couple of sections in the last 3-4 months about folks that have attended taster session at Manchester – might be worth searching those out. If you are going for one of those sessions, the best bit of advice is relax, enjoy the time and listen to what the instructor/coach is telling you.

    One of the best resources on the net about track racing/riding is Fixed Gear Fever but one of the best ways to learn about the sport is to get to your local track and speak to the folks that ride the track leagues.

    If there is something more specific you want to know, if you ask I’m sure that the active trackies will answer it.

    Makes wise, just off the top of my head you’ll find either track frames and/or complete bikes available from Dolan, Rourke, Condor, Trek, Cervelo, Giant, Fuji, Felt, Planet X, Wilier, BT, Koga, Look, Pinarello, Monoc, Cinelli, Isaac and Eddy Merckx – very much depends on what your requirements are and what your budget is.

    Hope that helps for starters! 8)
    I’m a sprinter – I warmed up yesterday.
  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    You'll be riding Newport I guess then - nice track although I've only done a couple of taster sessions there. They have a fleet of Pinarello track bikes - very nice rides for hire bikes.

    Like Eddy S says, check the previous threads for advice, any more questions, just ask: ... t=12555949 ... t=12553885
  • Mark AlexanderMark Alexander Posts: 2,277
    Wey hey! what a laugh! £11 for 2 hr novice session. What a bargain! :D
    Now that was FUN!!!

    The coach was great with all seven of us and very patient. I took it easy to start with. we progressed well.
    It started about tips on moving, staying on the barriers and the basic "how to not fall over". uncliping etc,
    We then progressed to a 7-8 couple of laps around then to the bottom. as we went round, he instruceted to move from black to red to blue but only when he felt we were ok. then a couple at full p-ace on the top.
    I did this on easch lap hen we came off, a quick recap, then out to ride in line getting closer wheel on wheel.

    later on we practiced each doing a lap on the front and swinging off.
    Finally some intervals.

    All in all, a good session

    I took my shoes but as they're Keo's I had to use my trainers and clips which I hate. :evil:

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  • Mark AlexanderMark Alexander Posts: 2,277
    Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced shoe and Keo cleat that I can put some Look's on?

    10TT 24:36 25TT: 57:59 50TT: 2:08:11, 100TT: 4:30:05 12hr 204.... unfinished business
  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    Now that was FUN!!!
    Amazing how quick you can go from wobbling around the bottom of the track sh*tting yourself to flicking up and down the banking. Great fun. :o

    Don't the Keo cleats use the same 3-screw fixing as the old Look Delta cleats? Pretty sure they do, in which case you can just swap the cleats over.
  • Mark AlexanderMark Alexander Posts: 2,277
    How true, I have to admit, I didn't realy have any worries about going up to the top. I just made sure that I had my speed up first. Happy as larry! I can feel my legs a bit today so I must be doing something right.

    I'm sure they do but I took ages to get the keo's just right and then there's the hasstle.

    10TT 24:36 25TT: 57:59 50TT: 2:08:11, 100TT: 4:30:05 12hr 204.... unfinished business
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