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Creaking Sanction 1.0

oO Haxx OooO Haxx Oo Posts: 5
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Hello everybody,

I bought myself a GT Sanction and I love it to bits. After my first ride, I noticed it starting to creak a little from around the bottom bracket area, or maybe from the I-drive section.
I have tightened everything up, but I am still getting a slight creaking sound. I asked at the shop where I bought it, as the shop owner also has a Sanction and he too is getting the same creak. He says he took his apart, but we cannot acertain where on earth the noise is coming from.

It's just a creak, I know; the bike performs well (better than I do!).

Has anybody else had this 'problem' with their Sanction?


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    when does it creak?

    siting, standing, pedaling or not....
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  • MontanaGMTMontanaGMT Posts: 36
    I was just about to start a similar thread as I am getting a creak from my Gt i Drive. I was hoping it wasnt the iDrive parts that was causing the creak and thought it might be BB creak , which is fairly common and could be solve by buying a new BB or, well thats what I was going to ask.

    How old is your bike? Have you or the guy at the shop tried different BBs?

    It usually happens to me when applying high pressure when peddling.
  • MontanaGMTMontanaGMT Posts: 36
    UPDATE. I removed the BB to see if I could hear the creak while the BB was out and I could. I would get the sound if I applied positive then negative force opposed to positive then positive again by placing a old wooden cabinet leg in to the hole where the BB resides.

    I wasnt 100% sure whether the sound was definitely coming from there though. So I applied positive then negative pressure to the rear triangle section and got the same sound. So as far as I can tell, the sound is coming from the join for the two parts of the frame. I am quite sure the bushes are ok, so I think it must be the washers/largish round black things that is causing the creak. I havent found a solution yet though.?*!?*! :roll:
  • clarksonclarkson Posts: 1,641
    my GT i-drive does this. i think its the i-drive or the pivots or something. im replacing the frame soon anyway, but it worried me slightly. mines always done it, but nothings broken.
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  • oO Haxx OooO Haxx Oo Posts: 5
    Sorry for long delay in reply..

    The bike creaks when pedalling. It doesn't have to be any particularly hard pedalling, just when I start to move.

    I'll try some of the things you mention Montana, see if I can drill down to the problem.. I'm busy working until Monday though, I'll try a few things then.

    Thanks for the input.
  • I discovered the problem!
    The creaking noise was actually coming from the rear drop-out. A good slap of bronze oil has stopped the noise and I'm the happiest pedal pusher in Devon!

    I love my santion all over again!

    Safe riding..
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    Mmm sounds like you may not be tightening the Qr enough or correctly. a dropout should not make any noise.
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  • My QR is a maxle, it certainly is correctly tightened. The rear drop-out on the sanction is a huge beast. I'll take a photo of it to show you what I mean - I may take a day or so to get around to it though! Since slapping lots of grease on the drop out has stopped the creaking noise, I can only summise that this was the problem.

    I'll take a good look at everything again though to make sure it is all tightened enough. The bike threw my over the handlebars today after a small fly through the air, so it needs checking.

    Again, thank you for the input :)
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