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Questions about Haldon and Woodbury (nr Exeter)

chris369chris369 Posts: 59
edited May 2008 in MTB rides
Really liking the trails at Haldon, particularly the Family and Adventure trails. Starting to do the red trail a bit more now and gradually getting better at it :)

Just wondering though, what are these routes classed as? XC? Or is the red trail more downhill?

Also, for anyone that's been on the red trail do you think it's suitable for a hard tail? I have a Giant XTC 3 and it always feels like it's taking a bashing!

Also, at Woodbury are there any trails similar to the ones at Haldon?


  • sam1234sam1234 Posts: 97
    The red trail at Haldon is XC (its easier than most Welsh centers I've ridden). However they do have black free ride trails (northshore etc). The red trail is suitable for HT I've ridden it on both on a HT and FS. On a HT it just means having quicker reactions etc, but it does still feel like you've taken a bashing. My mates ridden it several times on his XTC with no problems.

    As for woodbury can't really comment as never been there.

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