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Brecfa Forest

P-JayP-Jay Posts: 1,478
edited May 2008 in MTB rides
Took a trip down to Brecfa for the first time in months yesterday. AWESOME.

The trail pixes have been out and made some good repairs and made the last three sections even more intense. You can carry some insane speed if you wish.

MBR reported that the new 20km Black rated Raven trail had opened, but it was still signposted as under construction yesterday. Can't wait to hit that.

If you've near, or planning to come to South Wales, it's well worth a trip. Offers a different style of trail to Afan and Cwm and there's some really nice local pubs nearby for post ride pint. Doesn't get the exposure of the other trails in SW, probably because there isn't a centre (or in fact anything other than a carpark) but it's well signposted and as challenging as you want to make it.


  • KonaMikeKonaMike Posts: 805
    Never been to Brecfa,as you say it doesnt get mentioned much but from what you've said it sounds worth a visit,especially if theres a pub nearby.
  • Chaka PingChaka Ping Posts: 1,451
    How long is the drive from Afan/Port Talbot, out of interest?

    Would love to give it a try, but it's difficult to predict how long it will take to drive places in Wales.
  • P-JayP-Jay Posts: 1,478
    About another 30 / 45 mins by Car I'd guess. Well it takes me about 45 mins to drive to Afan in the Van, and hour to, an hour and a half to Brecfa in the Car with bikes on the roof.
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