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Brompton - M or S type

LangenbergLangenberg Posts: 453
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Hi there,

I feel it is time for a folder... and a Brompton. I have tried both the S and the M type bar and for the life of me can't make up my mind :oops:

The S bar seems to place more weight on the front and the M bar makes the bike feel a bit nippier... but also a bit more unstable although I think that just takes a bit of getting used to, that's all. Somehow the M type bar seemed like a bit more fun and the S bar maybe emulated a normal bike a bit more?

So what bar do you think is best? I am 5'7" so handle bar height isn't really an issue :lol: and I don't think I need the larger bag which requires an M bar.

Thanks a lot!
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  • marcusjbmarcusjb Posts: 2,412
    Well - you have certainly chosen the right (IMHO) folder Tim!

    Interesting that you found the M-bar nippier - I find it the other way round.

    The S-bar is, in my mind, very nippy and agile whilst the M-bar makes the bike a little more relaxed. I find the M-bar makes one sit up much more - which is of course fine. I went for the S-bar in the end and really like it's speedy handling. It can sometimes be a little too light though - especially without the S-bag.

    I'm about an inch taller than you and find that the S is superbly comfortable even over reasonably long distances (20 mile or so round trips).

    You may of course prefer that slightly more sat up position of the M-bar - and I do find it interesting that you found that nippier!

    Finally - I do find the S-bar far more visually appealing than the M-bar - looks really clean and ready to speed along.

    I guess it is really down to you and what you prefer in regards to the handling.

    Good luck with your choice - once you've decided bar types, you have about another 10 choices to make still - and the big one usually is the number of gears to go for!

  • marcbamarcba Posts: 84
    I am 1m72 (I am not used feet and inches measurement) and I have a S type Brompton.
    Before buying, I rode a M model and I felt too upright. With S type, riding is vey comfortable.

    I have the S bag; I doubt that it can hold the claimed 20 liters, but a sufficient 17 or 18 liters.
    People from a Brompton french language forum manage to install standard size Brompton bag, on an S Brompton, after switching the original brake levers by Shimano ones (this replacement was originally performed to improve braking, not to install bag).
  • rampaxrampax Posts: 139
    I have had an S-Type for about 3 years now.
    I am six foot tall, and have the extended seat post.
    For the main part its very comfortable.
    If I have to use a heavy backpack, then I sometimes get a bit of neckache.
    Remember also that the S-Types have the two speed derallieur type gears, rather than the three speed hubs. The jump between the two gears on the S-Type is quite big.
    If you want a more even spread of range, the hub gear would be better (but heavier).
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  • marcbamarcba Posts: 84
    Like other models, Brompton S is available with 2 speeds rear derailleur, 3 speeds hubs, or a combination of both system that produce 6 speeds.
    I have a 6 speeds Brompton S (the 3 additional speeds, compared to 3 speeds hub, fill the gaps between the hub speeds).
  • Clever PunClever Pun Posts: 6,778
    I've gone for the m type in titanium having recently ordered one, but I'm 6'5 I also highered the gears for more speed and got the raw Lacquered finish... cause well I'm an idiot.

    thank you cycle 2 work scheme
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  • LangenbergLangenberg Posts: 453
    Hi everyone,
    many thanks for the responses. Seems like the S bar is the more popular here! Hm, maybe I should go for that then.

    Marcus, maybe 'nippy' isn't the right word. I probably should have said that the M bar seems to make the front end seem lighter, whether that is a good thing or not, I am not sure yet.

    I was thinking of getting the three speed version to lighten things a bit. Was tempted by the 8 speed modification from Kinetics and the hub dynamo is very nice... but then things probably get a bit heavy..

    Anyway, thanks a lot for the responses!
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