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Two hours to adjust disc brakes - is this normal?

SparkyatorSparkyator Posts: 7
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I have just bought a new entry level MTB, a Claude Butler Cape Wrath D27, as it seemed to get some pretty good reviews. I bought it on the net so it came boxed and I just had to put the seat, handle bars and wheels on. Seat and bars went on no probs.

When I put the wheels on the discs were rubbing against the pads. As this is the first time I have had discs (QUAD QHD-1), I looked up brakes in my cycle manual and searched on line and there plenty of good tips and I tried all to no avail.

Eventually after two hours, fitting extra washers to adjust the front brake unit position and the gentle application of a wooden mallet on the discs I managed to stop all rubbing and the brakes work fine.

IS this normal, or just because the brakes are not superior quality?




  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    before playing with the brakes did you go and bed the brakes in?

    All disc brakes rub a bit from new and need to be beded in and they will have settled down.

    and as they are post mount all you would have needed to do is slacken the caliper to adaptor bolt and then align the caliper and then tighten the bolt.
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  • No, I didn't bed them in. I didn't realise that was what I should do. But thanks for the guidance, as I will now know in future.

    This may seem a bit thick, but can I just check, is the caliper to adapter bolt the bolt that attaches to the post? I couldn't see any possible travel on the two bolts that attach to the fork? Please forgive my ignorance on this terminology.
  • SalsaSalsa Posts: 753
    You should have two bolts like in the piccy below, the hole they go through is oval rather than circular so you can adjust the caliper left/right to centre the pads over the disk.

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