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maidenhead area (again)

adoveradover Posts: 130
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Hi all, I'm riding this weekend around the maidenhead area with my girlfriend and wanna take her on some trails. Only problem is her being a girly girl she doesnt wanna get especially caked in censored so Swinley's out of the question! :( was thinking about nettlebed and that sort of area, but are there any good jump/drop spots about (it's my damn bike ride aswell!!!!). also, how to get there?!


  • Pete236Pete236 Posts: 201

    Hate to say it but theres' not much around here that makes the trip really worthwhile, but what part of the world are you coming from? If you can get out there, theres a few jump spots in the woods near Cookham dean and I've heard Winter Hill is a good playground. Just come back from a ride around there but on road tyres so didn't explore the trails off road, but there is a good bit of road that climbs the hill. About 10% gradient, 3 tight hairpin turns and a fairly rough surface make it interesting! A challenge to get to the top as well!
    Theres a few jumpy spots about near Nettlebed but never been there so can't comment on them!
    Hope I've been some use and enjoy the ride!

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