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nonnac85nonnac85 Posts: 1,608
edited March 2008 in MTB buying advice
Does any one know anything about Alans Bikes or MTB-Bitz e.g. postage time, customer service etc as I am looking to buy some new pedals and CRC/Wiggle havent got the ones i want in stock :( ... dd1099fe69

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  • James_FJames_F Posts: 137
    Alan's bikes is supposed to be fine from what I'veread by others, don't know anything about mtb-bitz
  • beccalilybeccalily Posts: 310
    Alans is good...

    Another good one is Winstanleys. 8)
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  • gthanggthang Posts: 293
    I have had a bad experience with Alans..

    Item description was way off the mark, when I phoned up they did not want to know.

    Had to drive a £300 mile round trip to complain and get a problem resolved (all there fault) I would never use them again. Arrogant f**kers!

    (Mind you was about 4 yrs ago)
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