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Would this be too daft for words...?

Roger_ThisRoger_This Posts: 136
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I've had a hardtail Specialized Hardrock for years, and just for a bit of variety and speed I bought a Ridegeback T1 in January. It's basically a roadie with flat bars.

Today I saw a Giant SCR3 in the LBS. I tried it for size, it felt great and then it looked at me with those big puppy eyes... 'buy me, buy me' it said, pleading.

Would it be bonkers to buy another bike?

Please say yes :?


  • ddraverddraver Posts: 24,803
    Bronzie wrote:


    yes of course it is go for it (convert the flat bar to singlespeed/fixed as a commuter as an excuse)
    We're in danger of confusing passion with incompetence
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  • TheBoyBillyTheBoyBilly Posts: 749
    You only live once. If you'll get the use out of all these bikes then go out and buy the Giant. I'm in the same sort of boat. Got my Langster and a Trek folder but want to cover all the bases with an MTB for getting down and dirty.

    So sorry, my answer is NO!!

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  • robbarkerrobbarker Posts: 1,367
    Health and fitness budget isn't it? of course it's all right.

    I'd go for something more focussed though given what you already have - try a TCR composite.
  • monstadogmonstadog Posts: 80
    Buy it. Everyone knows that the correct number of bikes to own is n+1

    n being the number of bikes you own at the moment. :D
  • BigStu2BigStu2 Posts: 794
    n+1, n+1 , n plus 1 Ahhh magic, I believe I'm now ½n as I just sold my mtb, still have my roady but cant use it due to the weather.....well not outdoors any way :cry:
  • ChrisLSChrisLS Posts: 2,749 it... :D :twisted: :wink:
    ...all the way...'til the wheels fall off and burn...
  • davidmillerdavidmiller Posts: 320
    just do it !
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