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Severe wrist pain after riding - tendonitis?

PretrePretre Posts: 355
edited March 2008 in Road beginners
Got back from my standard 9 mile return journey commute last night with everything fine, had a bath, ate dinner & then my wrist started REALLY hurting . Saw the docs this morning (NHS walk-in clinic at Canary Wharf - waiting time 20 seconds!) & they suggested tendonitis. :(
I've been riding regularly about 4 times a week for the past year with no issues & so I'm quite concerned that this has suddenly happened. Anyone else had this &, if so, what did you do about it?



  • DoobzDoobz Posts: 2,800
    hey dude.. I reckon you could have just taken a nasty bump in the road on the way home and jolted your wrist and not realised?

    If so maybe try a warm compression wrap and some cod liver oil and glucosamine or similar. also get a tennis ball or something, poke a tiny hole in it and try and keep your wrist active as much as you can (pain permitting) .. you don't want it seizing up on ya

    hope this helps
  • PretrePretre Posts: 355
    thanks for this - there is a very bumpy/potholed road on the way home so that could be it.
    Oh,well - a few days off the bike will do me good (esp. as it's supposed to be VERY windy in London for the next few days).
  • CajunCajun Posts: 1,048
    Castor oil is an excellent relief method... (don't shoot :shock: )
    Wrap a bandage solution on the wrist should be well in the morning without the side effects of drugs... ... oroil.html
    (we forget what was used in the past....Grandma & Grandpa knew :D )
  • PretrePretre Posts: 355
    Only issue is I'll have to have the vile-tasting stuff in the house - I can still taste it from 35 yrs ago! :x
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