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The earth just moved for me

Ghost DonkeyGhost Donkey Posts: 914
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I just experienced an earthquake, if you can call it that, for the first time. Cool. That's one off the list. I'd prefer not to experience a proper one mind.


  • Me too. Thought someone was charging about my house. :shock:
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  • Im in Sheffield and yes the the earth just moved for me
  • Mrs D started charging around after it happened :oops: . She's from a country that gets proper earthquakes so I suppose it's a different association, especially as she was asleep and it woke her up.
  • Apparently it's just an aftershock from the enormous gears Jan Ullrich was pushing a few years back :lol:
    "A cyclist has nothing to lose but his chain"

    PTP Runner Up 2015
  • popettepopette Posts: 2,089
    Phew - us too. We just both sat bolt upright in bed wondering if it was the wind blowing our high chimney off! :oops:

    Back to bed now.
  • JonBurnsJonBurns Posts: 212
    Crikey never experienced that before, whole house shook and woke me up with a bit of a start. Nothing on the news about it yet but I knew someone here would post on it.
  • censored , baby's awake now. At least Mrs D can't sleep so she's volunteered to feed her. I can carry on rebuilding her laptop and surfing.
  • I felt it to in Hull. :shock: I had gone to bed after watching an apocolyptic film and was just starting to dream when the room slowly began to shake for about 3-4 seconds. Frightend the life out of me. I think I may need to change the sheets now..

    I noted it at 12:56 by my alarm clock that is set automatically by a radio signal.
  • BBC news 24 has it as 4.7 and the epicentre in Lincolnshire.
  • I thought I'd watch the news for a bit until I'd finished what I was doing. THe BBC has a scrolling text thingy under their normal programming. Sky has gone all out on the earthquake. They had one of the journalists I used to work with on the phone to say how her neighbours switched their bedroom lights on and then turned them off again, someone reportedthat their house shook like paper and there are other over hyped reports. I love rolling news :lol: .
  • LagavulinLagavulin Posts: 1,688
    Yes, trying to watch the bloody West Wing and the house starts shaking.

    Thankfully the house measure of shiraz cabernet was saved.

    Inconsiderate these tremors. :!:
  • Mrs D started charging around after it happened :oops: . She's from a country that gets proper earthquakes so I suppose it's a different association, especially as she was asleep and it woke her up.

    The association one is a funny one as I had the opposite problem last year.

    At about 00:15 we had a biggie here in Jakarta and I jumped up grabbed a golf club and was running around the livingroom in my pants looking to see "who was breaking in". It was only when the couch bounced towards me that I switched on and realised we were having an earthquake. Queu waking the kids and belting down the stairs.

    One of my friends thought they had a ghost and another thought he was just drunk..... :roll:

    Problem was that it was the first big earthquake for any of us, so the associations were just not there.

    I have not been in the house again when we have had others, but expect I'll be a bit quicker on the draw next time.
  • graeme_s-2graeme_s-2 Posts: 3,382
    In 2002 when we had the Dudley earthquake, I was shaken awake by my girlfriend who said "stop doing that". When I looked down the bed the chest of drawers at the foot of the bed was being violently shaken from side to side. I now have the ultimate come back whenever she says "you always blame me for everything" :lol:

    Last night the cat ran across my face and woke me up at some point, so I'm guessing that must have been shortly before 1am and she was understandably freaked out. I can't say I noticed it other than that, I'm knackered at the moment and was out for the count.
  • pdstsppdstsp Posts: 1,264
    Mrs pdstsp "I've been asling you to fix those techtonic plates for months"
    I just can't believe how many people were -

    a. Woken up - and stayed awake
    b. Connected to the internet
    c. Posting away in the dead of night

    Do you all work the nightshift?

  • on the roadon the road Posts: 5,631
    The earth moved for me too :shock: :P
  • meagainmeagain Posts: 2,331
    Herself said that what was interesting about it was that it disproved the long-held family belief that I'd "sleep through an eartquake"! It woke me, but she pointed out that I just stayed in bed until she shouted from downstairs and confirmed that it wasn't just another green tea and dizzies induced dream.

    The real thing must be VERY unpleasant.
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  • AdamskiiAdamskii Posts: 267
    I slept straight through it. Must be all that training!
    It's all good.
  • ColinJColinJ Posts: 2,218
    I was watching TV at the time and suddenly found myself being shaken about. I knew that it was either a freight train passing my window or an earthquake, but I don't live near a railway line...!

    It is pretty humbling to think that something happening in Lincolnshire can give a terraced house in Yorkshire a good shaking.

    I was a student in Manchester when the 1984 earthquake occurred. I was woken up by the bedroom wall smacking my bed. That was pretty scary, especially because it seemed to go on for much longer than last night's tremors.
  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,578
    I'd been awake for over 60 hours by the time I went to sleep last night, so not even an earthquake could wake me... Must have been pretty powerful here, things have moved around on my desk, and things had fallen over elsewhere in the house.
  • We had just gone to bed when the rumble started & built up to a big shake of the house, then tailed off again.

    Completely freaked the wife. Me - I thought the gas boiler was about to explode (for some reason). After checking that out, I went back to bed & fell asleep.

    Wife tells me this morning that she could not get her heart rate down for ages, then after she had managed to get to sleep, she was woken again by an after-shock at 0400 (1.8 apparently).

    A new experience for both of us, which we would not like to repeat.

    Ride On ...
  • on the roadon the road Posts: 5,631
    Luckily, I'm on the ground floor so it didn't feel as bad.
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