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Fred Whitton Route

daowneddaowned Posts: 414
I have a week free on the first week in March and was considering doing the Fred Whitton route having missed out this year for the event in May todo as part of my training for the Etape du Tour.

I have looked over the map of the route and would like to start in Coniston but I am flexible, its just really getting a good place to stay preferable a self catering caravan would be ideal for us if anyone has any recommendations that don't cost a arm and a leg.

I was considering the Bealach but I have done that several times.


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    Hi Daowned...

    Sorry to hear you never made it into the event...

    I'd like to give some 'experienced' advice here mate...I'm from Scotland aswell, I had cycled all over Scotland.... Bealach et al...the Lakes are a different beasty..much much tougher....not in anyway trying to put you off but trying to give sound advice for very early March is to forgo trying to do the entire FWC route or if you are intent on doing it then do it over 2 days stoopping off at say the Swinside Inn half way round(very close to Braithwaite), the weather can close in so quick down there and this route could turn into one of those horrendous experiences(especially if your on your own?), its just such an undertaking at this time....

    What I'd 3 or 4 x 50-60miles routes over the week...staying at say Coniston/Ambleside for 2/3 days...the FWC only covers some of the brutal terrain...this way you will get a full experience of what it has to offer...You could do 2 heading west to east over Hardknott and Wrynose and then another day east to west...both disgusting difficult and ones no harder than the other and both directions should be experienced...not only that you could intertwine these routes with climbs such as the terrible 'Struggle' upto Kirkstone pass(thats tougher than the Bealach),also Stickle Pike,Birker Fell,Corney Fell,Red Bank,Wallend,Gummers How...the list goes on and on, but this way you will experience more of the area...well worth it.

    Then you could drive upto Keswick for a day or 2 and take in Honister(brutal both directions),Whinlatter,Newlands etc...

    At least this way you won't run into probelms as only 60miles...and 60 miles down there is like a 100miles anywhere in Scotland :shock:

    Its upto you but I can't stress enough not to underestimate the place, Hardknott and Wrynose are in a different league to Bealach Na ba,Glen Quiach,Cairn O mount I reckon that you could easily start the FWC route...get over Kirkstone(by far the easiest way up), get up Matterdale etc, along the A66...around Derwent Water...and have that feeling that your doing fine...thats until you reach Seatoller....and after the expereince of Honister Pass, Quickly followed by Newlands and Whinlatter you find out all too late that its an enormous undertaking...and having Fangs/Coldfell then what I'd say is the equal tughest climb in the UK quickly followed by another murderous 25%er in the shape of Wrynose...I reckon if the weather turns bad then it could be dark all to soon at that time of year....I've got lots of experience down there mate and I wouldnt do that at this time of year...certainly never on my own...

    If you are interested in breaking the week up into smaller more manageable(but severely tough) 50milers then let me know and I'll happily send on a few recommended routes for you, these routes would be designed to give the best experience of the area.

  • daowneddaowned Posts: 414
    Thanks for the advice Richyboy, I'll sent you a PM for any information you could give :D
  • Hi Daowned,

    You could consider the YHA hostels at Langdale and start finish there. Hostels are brilliant these days wiith evening meals and private rooms and don't cost very much. The other option is to stay somewhere like Ulverston and then drive to Coniston (12 miles). B&Bs are cheaper in Ulverston and there are loads of facilities. Good one I know is Church Walk House but there are others.
  • andy_wrxandy_wrx Posts: 3,396
    Or do Lakeland Loop in mid-April ?

    OK, not the full Fred route, but does a fair chunk of the same big hills...
  • Hi Daowned,

    I'll second the Lakeland Loop, I inadvertently followed the exact route when I was up in the Lakes last week and it's brilliant!

    Let us know how it goes, wherever you get to :)
  • Hello, try this site and navigate to the lakes routes, they have pictures as well, and descriptions of the routes.
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