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Help! Advice on hip and lower back pain

ekbob1ekbob1 Posts: 7
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I have been off the bike now for nearly 1 year. Previously done time trialling. The only thing I changed was to use new tri-bars which I think left me too stretched out.

Started off with a bad groin strain, but kept riding, then left hand hip started to get really sore after every ride, and lower back between lower spine and buttock area very sore.
Had MRI, ultrasound, x-ray but all clear.

Been to 3 physios, with no definitive diagnosis, we thought it could be bursitis, but nothing came up on scans.

Now absolutely desperate to find out what is causing all the pain.

Any help please!



  • The new tri bars in a stretched position will probably require more hip flexion than a conventional position. Ditch the bars, get your position analysed and if that doesn't work, see a hp specialist orthopaedic surgeon and ask about pincer and cam hip impingement (needs special xrays or an MRI to diagnose).
    Hope that helps

  • ekbob1ekbob1 Posts: 7
    Cheers Andrew

    Have been off the bike for nearly 1 year. Just starting to think about it, even though hip is still painful.

    Have had an MRI and this came up clear.

    I have noticed a few posts and think it possibly could be the Sacroiliac joint, so I have been stretching etc, due to see an Ortho specialist, but this takes a while.

    Thanks for the info.
  • LhanceLhance Posts: 88
    Ive been very ill as well, walking and yoga have put me on the road to recovery.
    yoga is all about stretching with breathing ,Its very powerful stuff done right :!:
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