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Northface Gulper

robhowsonrobhowson Posts: 28
edited February 2008 in MTB general
ive just brought a Northface Gulper & am having problems sucking the water up from the reservoir i think the problem is the bite valve, just wondering if anyone has any advice or is more than likeily to be faulty! cheers
Moorlands Rider


  • my dad has a north face blowfish camelbak thing and his bit vavle is fine but you have to bit quite hard on it to suck any water up compared to a real camel back
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  • i have the hammerhead pack and i forget sometimes.
    make sure the bite valve it at a right angle to the tube to let the water through
    OR make sure the connection to the bladder from the tube is correctly pushed in. it dosnt leak but it wont work. hope that helps
  • Thanks it was the tube connection to the bladder which was only letting a little water through,reconnected it & sorted. Cheers!!
    Moorlands Rider
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