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Wheels - down to 2 but how stiff - can't decide!

kenbaxterkenbaxter Posts: 1,251
edited January 2008 in Workshop
OK. Decision is on Campag Neutrons from Ribble or some 2006 Ksyrium SSC SLs from a mate with about 500 miles on them. Both would come in at about 300 quid.

Which would you go for? I currently ride Campag Protons (to be used as training wheels) and find these flex - rub on brakes when climbing. I'm about 14 stone (on a bad day). Would the neutrons be similar? Are Ksyriums stiffer?

Fingers on buzzers, audience please vote now......


  • dbgdbg Posts: 846
    I had that model ksyrium (and year) I weight 12.5 stone and flogged them after breaking 2 rear driveside spokes - I'd buy the Campags.
  • redddraggonredddraggon Posts: 10,862
    If Magnus Backstedt (big guy - over 14st according to wikipedia) can ride to a win on Paris-Roubaix on Neutrons, they must be pretty strong.
    I like bikes...

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