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Pain in knees!!

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Over the last couple of weeks i've noticed a pain in both my knees.More noticebly the left one. I've been riding to work everyday for about 5yrs which is just over two mile round trip and the past year i've been doin the commute in my work boots. This along with off road riding bout 6 to 10 hrs a week.
The pain is in the bottom of my knee-cap and occasionally the top too. Don't really notice it when riding but when i'm off the bike, mainly when i'm in work as my job involves standin all day.No problems within the family as far as knee problems go so i'm guessin its the steed.
I'm goin to book in at the doctors soon as it's starting to annoy me. Can anyone shine any light on this before i consult my quack? Is this a common problem for mtb riders or cyclists in general? Although i'm pretty sure my bike is set-up correctly could the problem lie within my setup,seat height etc? Cheers in advance for any replies,
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  • I believe the usual answer with knee pain is that you're pushing too high a gear, though the only time I've had problems was when I first switched to SPDs and I was still trying to get the angle of the cleat right!

    Hopefully this reply'll bump you back up the list to get an answer from someone who knows what they're talking about... :wink:
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  • Seat may be too low - make sure your legs are almost straight at the bottom of each stroke.

    I've suffered similar before.
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