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Rides round Blackburn for Novice

sparrowlegs78sparrowlegs78 Posts: 2,583
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Anyone know of any rides around the Blackburn Lancs area fit for a novice to get some experiance and fitness on?
Mainly been plodding round Witton Park :oops:
Thanks for any help Caroline xx


  • cubikcubik Posts: 70
    Obvious rides around Blackburn for exercise (but not excitement) are along the Leeds Liverpool Canal - Nice and flat, quiet and you can get plenty miles in with your headphones on, listening to a few tunes.

    For something a bit more like what you're doing now, why not come out of Witton Park and cycle up Buncer Lane and then head left along Under Billinge Lane and then back down into the back of the cemetery at Pleasington? It's mostly on the road but some of it is nice and steep so good exercise.

    What kind of riding are you looking for? More of the same (easy going paths) but just different to stop you getting bored, or maybe some road based routes, or something countryside ish that is rougher/hillier and a bit more technical?

    Have you got a car?, if so there's lots within 20 to 30 minutes drive. Rivington is a very good place to go with lots of variety, technical if you want it, steep if you want it or plenty to look at if you just want to pootle around. Also there is Gisburn Forest which is a bit more family orientated and easier and is a nice big loop on decent fireroad through forest.

    Let me know what kind of riding you're after and I'll make some more suggestions

  • Hiya,
    Thanks for the ideas...flippin top rides.
    We are looking for rides off all kinds to build up out fitness and skill levels....with both me and the Hubby not riding bikes except the 1000cc engined versions lol .
    We can borrow my Dads car to get up to Rivington...quite looking forward to the day that we can cycle up to the pike without either having a heart attack or just falling off lol :lol:
    Thanks again any if you know of any other rides please let us know and who knows ,maybe we might see you out on some :D
    Lv Caz xxxx
  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    Try coming over to Rossendale / Burnley. There's some great riding that'll certainly build up your skills and fitness.
    I've lived in the area for over ten years but have only recently realised what a fantastic place it is for mountain biking. I often use the Mary Townley loop as a backbone for lots of my routes.

    One word of warning, hills. This is what initally put me off, you're either going up or coming down, there's not a lot of flat. However since I got my fitness levels up the hills have just added to the fun (and pain :oops: ), lots of technical, sense of achievement up and lots of fast down.

    Also read in the local paper they're supposed to be creating another bridleway loop between Rossendale, Bolton and Blackburn (56 miles in total) over the next couple of years which includes Rivington and some link routes as well as the main loop. Linky to the offical strategy report below. ... ewaywp.pdf

    Might just want to skip to the back for the maps of what's planned and what's been completed.
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  • dave_hilldave_hill Posts: 3,877
    stumpyjon wrote:
    Try coming over to Rossendale / Burnley. There's some great riding that'll certainly build up your skills and fitness.

    I'll second that, I live on the South side of Burnley towards Todmorden. I've got miles and miles of top-notch trailage right outside my back door.
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  • A few ideas close to Blackburn - possibly not for complete novices...

    Darwen Moor +/- a trip to the Tower. Several places to start from including Sunnyhurst woods ( but no riding through the woods though that's naughty!)

    Tockholes has a bridleway winding through the woodland - carpark close with a good cafe for cake-stop.

    These can be linked together.

    I was on Darwen Moor yesterday with lovely frozen ground - ie no muddy patches. Quite satisfying craking through the ice covering puddles on the bike.
  • Thanks for those ideas, i walked up Darwen tower from the woods last year...nearly killed me walking it...i'd not make it on the bike yet, but its going on my list of places to go when i do get fitter.
    Thanks again ,Caz x
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