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Winter Beard

Mike WillcoxMike Willcox Posts: 1,770
edited November 2007 in The bottom bracket
The hairy growth on my face is now 3 weeks old and will need a trim soon. The best natural aid there is for riding in the cold weather, although mine has got a lot of white in it now.

Anyone else grow a winter beard?


  • shazzzshazzz Posts: 1,077
    Not me - can't stand the itching after five days or so.

    You'll have to change your avatar now.
  • I grew one at the insistence of mrs windyphil (all the stars seem to have one - it's trendy). It lasted slightly longer than the five days - until I went for a decent ride. The sweat clinging on then dropping off my tash rather than cleanly evaporating away was the worst kind of torture imaginable and the beard went as soon as I got home!
    If only the legs were as good as the bike....
  • My wife does every year :shock: :? :oops:
    Beer, the reason my ambitions have not become my achievements
  • I tried, but my girlfriend told me that beyond 'designer stubble' I looked like a pillock so I had to shave. I did what I was told, yes I know i'm under the thumb..
  • The grey was too much. I can hide it round the side of my head but not in my stubble :(
  • McBain_v1McBain_v1 Posts: 5,237
    I doubt I could grow a beard, the only real growth I seem to get is underneath my chin and on my neck, and I'd rather wear a Buff than sport a hairy neck-warming beard :lol:

    What do I ride? Now that's an Enigma!
  • Clever PunClever Pun Posts: 6,778
    I'm rocking the chin coverage, always do. As said it's great for the winter and really takes the edge off the cold
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  • currently sporting a goatee to keep out the chill - givien my longish hair I'm going through a Damon Hill/George Harrsion kinda look - g/f thinks it suits me so it may well survive into the spring and beyond
  • Why not go for the Matt Hampson fund look aka Geordan Murphy or George Chuter.,1825 ... 03,00.html
  • I'e always wondered about the Paul Griffen style of face warming!!!
  • Geordan_Murphy_of_Leicester_Tigers_sporting_a_601528.jpg

    It makes him look so much older, but all for a good cause.
  • vermootenvermooten Posts: 2,697
    One day I might grow a power beard:

    You just have to ride like you never have to breathe again.

    Manchester Wheelers
  • ivancarlosivancarlos Posts: 1,034
    Nothing compared to Sheldon Brown!
    I have pain!
  • tardingtontardington Posts: 1,379
    Mine is officially a month old today!

    It's bloody brilliant for keeping the cold out, and I'm starting to like the look. 8) (where is the beardie smilie?) Some mornings I have FROST in it! But only my ears get the chill!

    The only problem is trimming to keep it out of the food. Should I get a proper beard trimmer?

    Btw, the gf loves it :shock:
  • t4tomot4tomo Posts: 2,643
    No No no no no.

    Facial hair is all wrong.

    What wrong with you. Suffer some wind chill but at least keep your dignity.
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  • tardingtontardington Posts: 1,379
    You've never lived etc etc...

    Actually, it's pretty nice, until it gets itchy, or starts going in the food... :twisted:
  • pneumaticpneumatic Posts: 1,989
    When I was packing to cycle from St Andrews to Santiago de Compostela, I was forced to choose between a shaver and a long lens for the camera.

    In the end, it took two years to get to Santiago (with a twelve month 'gap year' back at work). I came back with some great photos.

    During the 14 months I had the beard, I LOVED it. Easy to maintain, warm and comfortable. I saved 5 minutes a day without the utter faff of shaving, that is 34 hours of my life, released back to me, for me to waste in whatever way I wished.

    As soon as I got back from Santiago, there was a family vote, and, within half an hour, the beard was gone. I removed it in stages and begged them to let me spend a day with the gay Dutch policeman moustache, but I was over-ruled, even on that.

    I still miss my beard, but I have come to accept that those dear to me hated it. Intensely.

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  • eanean Posts: 98
    t4tomo wrote:
    No No no no no.

    Facial hair is all wrong.

    So why did evolution give it to you ?
    The trees lie about the wind...
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