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Plymouth YOGi Rides

yogiyogi Posts: 456
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Just posted this elsewhere and thought you mountain bikers might like to hear about the Plymouth YOGi Rides - at present they are as follows:

Tuesdays Group Road Ride 6.30pm]
Ride of about 30 miles in 2 hours on generally quiet roads. You will obviously need lights for this now but we do ride throughout the whole year.

Thursdays Group Road Ride 6.30pm
As above.

Usually a Mountain Bike Ride meeting at 10am +
Road Ride meeting at 9.00am

Usually a road ride of 50+ miles.

We are also run a beginners/novices ride once a month:
MTB on the 1st Saturday each month, meet 10am.
Road on the 3rd Saturday each month, meet 10am.

All rides meet up at B&Q car park, Marsh Mills, Plymouth.

Best to email and we'll send you an email every week detailing what rides are going out during the week. Anyone welcome and we guarantee a warm welcome plus there is no joining fee.


  • Yogi,

    Are these rides still going out? I turned up a couple of Sundays ago, but no-one there.

    No MTB-ers, no roadies....

    On the plus side, I did meet up with three other guys who were there and had a great ride, so still had a good day. Would like to know if the rides are still on though, as I do MTB and road...


  • FSR_XCFSR_XC Posts: 2,258
    Yes - are these still happening?

    Might be worth a trip up for your December novice ride.
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  • milesemilese Posts: 1,233
    I sent Yogi a message about a month or so ago and got no reply.
  • Milese....

    I take it you live in Plymouth, or nearby???

    I live in Ivybridge and would be up for a ride sometime if you fancy it?

    I'm also a member of the Exeter MTB club who are a really friendly bunch of guys and girls. We're off to Exmoor next Sunday (18th), I've always wanted to ride Exmoor to see how different it is to Dartmoor.... they seem to give it top marks in all the Mags...

    Non-members are welcome, for a £3 fee per ride, but it only costs £10 a year to join, which really is a bargain!! They also do a Tuesday evening ride every week, alternating between Haldon and Woodbury Common, with the occasional trip to Aylesbere Common thrown in. It's a bit of a drive, but worth it for the joy of riding in a group!!!

    I do have friends.... no really....!! :lol:

    Anyway, if you want to hook up sometime, just give me a shout....

  • milesemilese Posts: 1,233
    I'm in Saltash mate so not too far, but further from Exeter!

    I'm going to be busy for the next few weeks as I've got a couple of exams coming up, but after that...
  • OK mate... just give me a shout on here when you get everything out of the way.

    And good luck with your exams... :D

  • hey lads i havnt been on here in ages seing as ive had some family problems and bike being stolen. My bike is finally back on the trails and am riding it pretty much everyday. I live in woolwell/robourgh and would love to go for a session somewhere. I went cann woods on saturday just for a roam around was very muddy but was a fun 3 mile route as it took over 2 hours beacuse of the mud.
    If mum would let me,id sleep with my bike :)
  • yogiyogi Posts: 456
    Sorry for the mess up guys. I've only just come back onto the MTB section of the forum and seen your posts.

    I've updated the post. As you can see there is no weekday MTB ride at present - these will restart in March.

    There is often an MTB ride on Sundays but they are not guaranteed due to weather etc.

    There is also usually a Sunday Road Ride but again this is weather dependent.

    We still ride on the Road every Tuesday and Thursday.

    I think the best thing you can do is give us your email address and you will then receive our weekly ride update. Just email [email protected]
  • FSR_XCFSR_XC Posts: 2,258
    yogi wrote:
    There is often an MTB ride on Sundays but they are not guaranteed due to weather etc.

    What weather do we have in the UK (particularly Devon / Cornwall) that can stop us riding?
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  • yogiyogi Posts: 456
    That's fine if you want to go and ride when it's raining cats and dogs all day but I won't be joining you - different strokes for different folks.
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