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anyone ridden the morzine/vallee d'aulps cyclosportive?

toricotorico Posts: 67
edited October 2007 in Pro race
Hi I was planniing on doing the etape this year but the route doesnt grab me and its in the pyrenees which is a shame as my folks have a place in the alps. soooo I have been looking at other sporitves and like the look of the morzine based on . I know quite a few of the climbs and the start is just down the road from my folks

What I would like to know is whats it like ?? is the organsiation any good,? is it on semi closed roads? how many people enter? has anyone had any experience of entering directly with the organisers? if so, were they any good ? is there a better way of entering ?

sorry for the barage of questions but it looks ( on paper) like a fantastic route and could be fantastic . I know the etape gets all the plaudits ( possibly due to the links with the tour) but I have many friends who reckon the gran fondos are better nad suggest avoiding the etape due to the sheer amount of people !


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