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scram shimano compatibility

pedro1812pedro1812 Posts: 6
edited October 2007 in MTB beginners
can i use some 06 scram x7 shifters with a shimano rear mech i know they have differant actuation rates but is it still possible would appriciate any replies


  • Ciaran500Ciaran500 Posts: 348
    Nope, the shifter wouldn't move the cable far enough for the mech to move the chain to the next gear.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here

    and it would move the mech TOO far. Sram numbered shifters are a 1:1 ratio and pull 2 times the cable that shimano do with their 2:1 ratio.

    Sram Attach and Rocket shifters are shimano compatable.
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