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sore under carriage

timberjacktimberjack Posts: 279
A bit personal this one Has any body got any tips how to stop my sore backside i always get small sores at the tops of my inside leg i wear all the padded shorts with and with out underwear but nothing seems to work
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  • ash68ash68 Posts: 320
    Sorry to ask the obvious but presume your washing shorts after each ride? Not using too much washing powder? Does this only occur when your cycling or is it a general thing?
  • mbukfanmbukfan Posts: 3,052
    go into boots or similar and get some stuff you put on babies bottoms to stop nappy rash. apply to "undercarrage" and wash off in the shower afterwards
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  • nferrarnferrar Posts: 2,511
    Kinda depends if the sores are purely because of friction or friction+infection. If purely due to friction then try some assos chamois cream (I always use the stuff if planning to be out for a couple of hours or more). Absolutely don't wear underwear inside padded shorts as padded shorts aren't just there for the padding they also shouldn't have any seams/stitching in your saddle contact area (which can chafe) as well as dealing better with sweat etc.

    As for sores brought on or made worse by infection then as the guy above says make sure you wash your shorts after every ride (inners anyway), I also clean 'down there' with clearsil facial wash as it's anti-bacterial but dunno if that really helps.
  • Dr_DeathDr_Death Posts: 1,262
    assos chamois cream = minty censored lard = the way forward

    Trust me, I'm a doctor!
  • andyturner28andyturner28 Posts: 1,225
    I recently asked the same question on another forum, and the general concensuss was to use vasaline (sp) and wear lycra shorts under your riding shorts. I done a 40+ mile ride last week wearing the lycra and had no problems at all, whereas the previouse week i had really bad saddle sore after about an hours riding. Worst pain ever!

  • GwareddGwaredd Posts: 251
    I had the exact same problem when I started out a month or so ago. Some figure hugging Lycra cycling shorts under something less offensive to the general public is the answer!
  • jasonm945jasonm945 Posts: 134
    Vaseline is a no-no. It is a waterproof petroleum jelly, usually used as a barrier on sores, and wet area's, and as a lubricant, thats why people put it on their lips. As such it doesn't allow the skin to breath.
    If you can't get hold of chammy cream or any thing like that, then something along the lines of "Sudocrem" is good, or even just some basic aqueous cream will help...

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