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Where can I get a 68x103mm BB for my fixed?

jhopjhop Posts: 369
edited October 2007 in Road general
I need to replace my BB on a fixed and find it is a 'Sport Cartridge 68 x 103mm' where can I get something to fit?


  • rdaviesbrdaviesb Posts: 566
    Langster BB? Mine gave up the ghost at the first sight of rain. Sealed it ain't. I was also struggling to track down a 103mm.

    I've slapped a 107mm Shimano UN53 in, and if anything it's given a better chain line. Take a look at ... 32s110p275

    Any decent LBS will have these in stock, or be able to get hold of one quickly.
  • jhopjhop Posts: 369
    Cheers mate you are spot on!
    Can't say it gave up the ghost at 'first' sign of wet though as it got me through the worst of last winter.
    I posted on Road Gear and Know -How and got some other guidance BUT rang the bike shop and they contacted Spesh. and they have agreed to replace it free under guarantee, I bought it last November but I may buy one now in case the replacement is also not really up to the job.
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