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XC frame and wheel advice

thraskithraski Posts: 11
edited October 2007 in XC and Enduro
in the process of deciding what bits for a new XC build....
I have a On One Inbred which is fine but looking a bit battered,
was wondering about a the frame....?
thinking- Scandal or Handjob, any others to consider
Also has anyone used the Hope pro 3's yet they are also on the list!


  • Would have thought Scandal would be better of your choices for XC.
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  • ddoogieddoogie Posts: 4,159
    Could just get a respray if its just looking a bit rough. Is there anything about the Inbred you really don't like apart from that?

    XTR on Mavic XC717/DT 4.1 would be a nice wheel build and not too expensive either.
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  • thraskithraski Posts: 11
    thanks for the advice.
    the inbred is great and has got me back into riding (ebay result) but I think it's slightly on the small side for me, 16" and I'm 5'10"
    which the onone site says is in the upper end of being suitable, plus am running the seat post and stem long, other wise I would just upgrade the bits.
    Are the XTR hubs straight pull?
    the list thus far is
    Probably, Scandal
    Reba sl
    XT running gear
    Hope minis brakes
    was looking at the Hope pro 3 as they looked sexy, but thats probably me suffering with bike envy......
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