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Amputee Mountain Biking

benthorpebenthorpe Posts: 20
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Hi guys,

Brief explanation of where I am coming from....

I am a Product Design Student at uni in Preston and currently researching the possibility of designing a prosthetic arm to enable arm amputees to ride off road more easily. I don't personally know any arm amputees so therefore I've come to here to try and find some!

I really need to get hold of a prosthetic arm (or leg) to take apart and reverse engineer so if anyone has a spare one sat at home not being used anymore it would fantastic if they could let me have it. It would be even better if someone had a bike specific arm which they weren't using anymore. I'm not picky though!!

I also need to gather information on the problems encountered while riding using a prosthetic arm, besides the obvious inability to use the gears or brakes on that arm! Like how do you prefer to attach the arm to the bike, clamped on or hooked? How do you keep the arm on? Is it strapped up or stuck on some other way? Are they REALLY uncomfortable?

Basically any information regarding this topic will be gratefully received!

Thanks a lot for your time!



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