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42t 5 bolt chainring for Pompino - which type (ATB/CD etc)??

lexlex Posts: 53
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I'm wanting to swap my 48t chainring for a 42t. I know the pomp needs a 5 bolt chain ring to go with the truvativ cranks (i can count ;-)

... but does it need to be ATB or CD and what's the difference?? I'm also assuming a MTB chainring will work fine.

This is the chainring I'm looking at: ... odelID=201

Will it work - any other recommendations?



  • The critical measurement is the BCD (bolt circle diameter) which will be 130mm if your Pomp has the same Truvativ Elita crankset as mine.
  • I've just remembered I've got a 40T from SJS. ... -11055.htm
  • lexlex Posts: 53
    Aha! Thanks for the info & link

    When you say you've got a 40t is that one you're using or one to sell/swap?


  • I use 48 but the 40 came with the bike and I'm keeping it in case I decide to go offroad or tackle some steep hills.
  • steverilesteverile Posts: 514
    Yep, you want a standard *road* Shimano pattern, 130mm bolt circle. Goes down to a 38t inner. Parkers, Ribble, SJS, (shop even!), etc.
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