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British Pro Road Team

skavanagh.bikeradarskavanagh.bikeradar Posts: 1,097
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Was I asleep and miss this and it's old news or is this an interesting, logical development? ... 2012-12619


  • iainf72iainf72 Posts: 15,784
    It was touted a couple of months ago. The funny thing is that it was called a "Pro Tour" team then, now it's a team which could do the GT's.

    I don't believe there is enough quality in GB to put together an entire team. Lots of solid workers but no one really worth working for IMO.
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  • Pipe dream.
    I doubt if we've enough talent to put together a Britsh Conntinental Team, let alone a Pro-Tour capable one.
    Would be nice, but who'd sponsor it?
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