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Grizedale Forrest Alternative Routes

djr2110djr2110 Posts: 74
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Does anyone know of any good alternative trails to the North Face at Grizedale forrest?
Wondered if there were any more challenging sections?




  • I know it pretty well as i ride there at least once a week. There's loads of other stuff as well as the NFT and a lot more challenging as well.

    Here's some of the best downhills:

    - Moor Lane - begins just east of Parkamoor, down to Satterthwaite
    - Breasty Haw - from Satterthwaite to Esthwaite Water
    - Lawson Park / Monk Coniston down one and up the other - your choice as both are good (SD 320 947 / SD 323 956)
    - Titty's track SD 326 953 (to the Visitor centre)
    - Silurian Way SD (SD 345 952 (to the Visitor centre)
    - 4x4 track (or Fox Road) same GR but going east

    You can probably download a map from the Grizedale website and find your way round easy enough.
  • Dr_DeathDr_Death Posts: 1,262
    the vertebrate graphics book for the lakes has quite a few good rides around Grizedale. (loads of the others are good too - well worth 15 squids) ... ain+Biking

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  • if youve got a decent printer, buy the cd and print your routes, otherwise the book will be knackered very quickly!
  • There's always the Walna Scar road - some quite tough stuff on that. I can never figure out why people don't get out of these man-made theme parks and hit some real trails.... However if you want to stay in Grizedale as the poster above said there's plenty of challenging stuff other than the rather artificial North Face route, though it has it's moments!
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  • Am limited to Grizedale as we have to hire bikes as the missus is filling the car up with enough clothes and food to last a month!!

    Thanks for all the input will definitely look into all the suggestions.

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