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To rest or to train? that is the question.

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I commute to work 9 miles each way 5 days a week at pretty much my max effort (I can't help it). I go the gym in my lunch hour every day and do intervals on a training bike for about 25 minutes.

Would I see more benefit if I rested on alternate days rather than hitting the gym?


  • Rest days are just as important as training. It's during the rest period that the improvements to your body occur. You haven't told us what riding you do at the weekend though. Alternate days might be a bit too much resting but I would suggest a couple of days off a week. Don't fall into the overtraining habbit as you will just burn out.
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  • I usually manage a few laps of Richmond Park on Sunday morning.

    Somehow resting doesn't feel as beneficial as a good ride.
  • Since all your rides are so short you have enough time to recover in between rides and, of course, at night. So rest is included in your routine, assuming your job is not too physical and that you sleep normally.

    You are basically training twice a day at about threshold (at a guess, 30-35 mins each way?) and maybe doing Vo2max sessions at lunchtime on the (stationary?) bike. Then you are doing 60 to 90 mins on a sunday. You have the day off on Saturday. Is that right?

  • yoadiusyoadius Posts: 541
    If you are taking a break from cycling and other sports on Saturday then I think you'll be ok.

    I found that communting to school, 80 mile ride on Sunday, hockey and running. Without a day of rest completely knackered me after a few weeks and I was constantly tired. Now rest on Mondays I've found it a lot better.
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  • i do 60-90miles a day, 5days a week, on... allot of up hill roads...
    weekend i cant resist going out on rides to... u will survive. just make sure u eat plenty.. as u will waste away like whats been happening to me over a few months.
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