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Hi all. After some guidance. Looking to buy a bike but have no idea where to start. Used to do a bit of downhill when i was a kid but not sure if a full sus or ht is best now? Bit of an all rounder required as will be used on and off road. New or used not bothered any decent bikes around £200. All reccomendations and suggestions welcome.


  • Without knowing exactly how you want to ride, I would suggest a hardtail for the following reasons :
    1) Makes better use of your (very limited) budget
    2) Most people agree better to learn skills on
    3) Usually (though not always) lighter than full sus
    4) Can still be used for a wide range of riding styles

    However be warned that if you take up mtb riding seriously and buy a £200 bike, you WILL want to upgrade before long. Just a thought.

    There isn't a whole lot around (new) that's worth having for £200, but you might like to consider the GT Aggressor.

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  • Ow do!

    Start here ... t=12540401

    Just above that thread is a buyer's guide that's well worth a look as well.

    Welcome to the forum and enjoy.
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  • Welcome trigger, i quite new to. My budget was £300 after seeing quite good specs in halfords one day. But after joining have uped my budget a little. I've gone for a hardtail after as i want to commute 10 miles a day and have a little fun at weekends. A lot of cheap bike with suspension back and front and discs will be cheap and nasty and not work proply either. Go for a normal high quality make with v brakes and maybe only front suspension.
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  • Be warned Trigger, if you buy from Halfords, it can be very tricky getting bike repaired if anything goes wrong, lots of horror stories on this forum alone. Try putting advert on classifieds on here, probally get a decent hardtail, and try and strike up a rapour with your LBS
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  • Hi all thanks for all your comments. After doing some research instead of work today :lol: and seeing your comments/pics decided to extend my budget and go for a hardtail. like the look of the carrera range. anything else similar reccomended ? are discs alot better than v brakes ? remember still learning so all thoughts and comments welcome. cheers.
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