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what gear do you need for starting mtb

mtb guymtb guy Posts: 8
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i've got intrested in mouintain biking after i picked up an MBUK magazine. I already have a bike but i was wondering if i needed helmet, gloves and any other bits and bobs that would come in useful.


  • Mog UkMog Uk Posts: 964
    I would say the most crucial is a helmet, gloves and some padded shorts. A small toolkit, spare tube and pump is also handy incase of emergency..
  • jacktheocjacktheoc Posts: 1,556
    i would definetely get a helmet and gloves if you are starting because its very likely you are going to come off sometime or another.
  • dan1983dan1983 Posts: 314
    yes to the helmet, but i agree with mog uk...the padded shorts are a MUST! best thing i bought. if you're tight for cash the gloves in my opinion can wait. but if you can afford them now get them. they're pretty cheap. use chain reaction cycles for stuff, they're cheap, have a good selection and the delivery etc is first rate.
  • mtb guymtb guy Posts: 8
    thanks for all your help ill bear it in mind
  • deanvwdeanvw Posts: 412
    you need a bike

    lol soz havin a blonde mo...
  • no
  • As well as the essential helmet, get some stuff to maintain your bike, like cleaning fluid and chain lubricant. Quite apart from stopping your bike being crusty, it's essential if you keep it in your house... :lol:
  • GambatteGambatte Posts: 1,453
    Good bit of kit for me was a local ordnance survey map. Find all those hidden doorstep trails, you didn't know about and the best ways to link them up.
  • brassobrasso Posts: 203
    Gambatte wrote:
    Good bit of kit for me was a local ordnance survey map. Find all those hidden doorstep trails, you didn't know about and the best ways to link them up.

    I agree. I've also been using multimap recently as you can get the OS Landranger information and you can print out the sections you want. Great for marking up routes (I don't like doing it on my bought maps) and it doesn't matter if they get wrecked as you can print some more for the next ride. Although that said I have laminated some at work.
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  • BromskiBromski Posts: 239
    Apart from safety gear, always take water and a waterproof with you.
  • AmosAmos Posts: 438
    As Bromski said, take water, so if you can afford one buy a camelbak or another type of hydration pack, you can also take some spares and food when your out on the trail.
  • If your doing any jumps or anything for first time might want a box to protect your privates. Nothing worse than crushed testies :shock:
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  • You will also need some beer money.

    If you have loadsa money it's quite good to have a decent set of lights for night riding (try Lumicycle and Light&Motion) and a Garmin Edge 305 so you kow where you went afterwards (indeed you can even enter route details in beforehand so you don't get lost!). However neither of these is as essential as the beer money.
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