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Bike for a Friend

the full nelsonthe full nelson Posts: 47
edited August 2007 in Road beginners
A female friend of mine is planning on cycling London to Paris next year. Can anybody suggest a bike that will stand up to the task, £500 or below and is the best in its class.

She will be looking for a road bike.

Also any suggestions on saddles or bib shorts for lady bits will be appreciated.




  • heavymentalheavymental Posts: 2,025
    Hi Nelson,
    If you have a look through threads with titles like 'first road bike' and 'what to buy' in this section you'll find alot of the same answers coming up. I'd say she should have a look at offerings from Trek, Specialized or Giant and she won't go too far wrong.
    Maybe one of the girls could give a better answer on saddles and shorts but I think there's lots of choice in that department.
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