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O'Grady back on the bike

rustychiselrustychisel Posts: 3,444
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as in the topic, I suppose.

Had an email from O'Grady saying his first ride since THE CRASH was Thursday, and it was a BIG relief just to be able to get back on the bike.

Good news, eh? Apparently the family is on their way back to Oz for r 'n r; some of you might remember his post-crash theory he'd be back on the bike for the Vuelta and the Worlds... I thought at the time 'not likely, sport'.

Let's see him come back rejuvinated for '08.
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  • ash68ash68 Posts: 320
    :D Yeh,O'Grady's a class act.Didn't see the actual crash on TV but didn't look good for him lying on the stretcher. The guy always gives 100% and ready to answer the press questions afterwards as well. Seems a good bloke allround.Great win in the Paris-Roubaix as well. Pity we can't claim him as a Brit. He's not got a British passport like Robbie Mcewan has he? :P
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Oh thats good news. Always seemed a decent bloke.
  • Mr BumbleMr Bumble Posts: 572
    A relief...that crash looked evil....

    Class act living up to the motto on his wristband...

    Need to have a few more cyclists who see the comedy of it all :lol:
  • CM92S4ECM92S4E Posts: 33
    I'm sorry but which was the crash that injured him? Was it the one nobody saw on the Tour de France or something else?

    anyways, I like O'Grady like all Australian riders (have something about them) so whatever success he gets is good news for me.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Good on yer Stuey. This has a personal significance for me as I suffered the same chest injuries nearly a year ago and have missed racing this season. Hope he comes back stronger than ever (it would be just the encouragement I need for next year)!
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    CM it was a crash on that descent of the mountain - the same mountain that took Rogers out ? (not 100% sure which corner it was - no tv pics, but cyclingnews had pics of Stuey on the ground).

    I love the toughen up wristbands. Anyone seen them for sale yet ?
  • rustychiselrustychisel Posts: 3,444
    Toughen the censored up!!

    Got one. What am I bid for it?
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    I\'m only escaping to here because the office is having a conniption
  • JustRidecpJustRidecp Posts: 302
    Farkin hello!

    Good to hear O'Grady's back on the mend. Was gutted when he crashed out. I really like him. Seems like a real good bloke.
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  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Rc - bung it on ebay - bet you'll make a tidy sum !
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