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Why do I feel like I'm going to get cramp?

snookssnooks Posts: 1,521
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Went for a ride yesterday, about 20 miles, more hills than I'm used to, but I survived :0)

Anyway all today I've felt like I'm going to get cramp in my legs. Went for a walk to try and ease it but I'm still getting it.

I've done 30-40 miles in a day before (not as many hills though) and no problems...I usually cycle around 60 miles a week.

So which of the following that I don't usually do might be causing the cra(m)p feeling I'm getting today?

-Cycling up (and down) more hills than usual
-Breaking the ride into lots of short rides stopping for chat breaks
-Falling off (twice)
-Riding spread over a day (8 hours), rather than a few hours
-Stopping for a big sunday roast (well it was sunday)
-I only did my stretches at the end of the day
-Going fast down bumpy decents on a ridgid bike!

I ate before I went, had a flapjack snack on the way, and a sunday lunch near the end, also a banana and some biscuits afterward. When I got home I had (homemade) curry with rice within 2 hours afterwards. Btw I drank about 8-10 pints of water/squash over the whole day. The aches and pains I've got today I've put down to one heavy fall on my side and another not so heavy fall also on the same side

Any ideas? and thanx on advance
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  • Pippen33Pippen33 Posts: 235
    Couldn't 100% verify this one for yourself, you certainly ate a lot, and eating food means less blood for the muscles, as the blood is being 'diverted' if you like, to absorb the contents of your small intestine.
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