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TOUR OF BRITAN SPORTIF - how was it for you? to nick another

First off - hats off to superb organisation and most excellent signage. I especially liked the confirmation signage after changes of route. However, its only thanks to this BB that i found out about the ride. Maybe that might account for the low numbers attending?
Anyway, coming from flatshire (aka leicestershire) I found this much harder than the "Phil & friends" ride - could that be due to the relentless nature of the hills? As for Ankerdine hill - who the heck would willingly try to get up that at top speed when there was still zillions of kms to go? At one point I looked at my computer and noted a dismall 6kms/h - but then - I don't do hills.....
Anyways i finished the ride without getting off which I felt was an achievement. The climb out of Ironbridge and the one after that were to my mind (and legs at 130kms) killers. I did most of the ride on my own which was quite dispiriting but I kept going. My target was 1) to finish 2) to finish 30 mins before the close. As it was, I think i finished at about 4:10pm. The circuit of the vellodrome at the finish was great. I had a stupid grin on my face as i rode up and down the walls. Yes childish I know but I felt the ride was a BIG personal achievement and that seemed a way to celebrate it. The showers, food, truck for bike and coach back to Worcester were again top notch. I even liked the touch of (albeit old) cycling mags to read and the bottles of water to drink as we were returned to the racecourse. Must admit to drinking Redbull for the drive home.
Does anyone know the website to view results and fotos?

Hats off to those who found it a breeze (most of you who sailed passed me!). mind you, I did get to wheel suck ofn the most fabulas bottom this side of heaven. I hope her boyfriend didn't mind. She (and he) were wearing biscuit cycle tops. sadly they were both fit and way much younger than me and I got wasted pretty quickly. Ah well.... Don't tell the wife.....

2 minute grovels can sometimes be a lot longer..tho' shorter on a lighter bike :-)

Ride the Route Ankerdine Hill 2008


  • mozandmarrmozandmarr Posts: 140
    I finished about 20mins after you. It was my first century so I'm feeling well chuffed, if slightly achey and sunburnt, this morning! The first climb out of Ironbridge was evil if only cos it was added at the last minute as a diversion and just felt so pointless! Also did most of it on my own which was hard work but the last ten were spent with a guy called Alistair just when I needed a morale lift. Soon as we finished he set off on the 18miles back to Kidderminster!

    Signage was perfect. The moment you were wondering if you'd lost the route another arrow appeared! Great finishing on the track as well.

    Thanks to everyone who organised it and all the riders that let me wheel suck, particularly the guy in the Brive-Agen Rapha top and his partner and the guys who passed me about 12 times (one in a Gan top). Oh and of course the aformentioned biscuit bottom which increased my average speed by about 3mph for the first two hours!
    vivent les baroudeurs
  • rparkesrparkes Posts: 120
    Yes, an excellent event, superb countryside, challenging, well signed and well organized. The motor cycle marshalls were a good idea and did an excellent job. The diversion in and out of the Ironbridge gorge tested not only my legs but also my moral fibre as I knew a flat shorter diversion around the roadworks using a track and footbridge :wink:
    I understand the road works should be finished for the tour so the pros will miss the diversion, load of softees!
    Many thanks to all concerned.

    Age is mandatory, growing up is optional.
  • My first sportive - and the first time I completed a 100 miles in under eight hours (just).
    Great event - good signage, friendly organisers, and I loved the ride onto the track although missed the chance for a final sprint over the line.
  • Its official! Biscuit bottom has made the Ride the Route/photos advert. Sadly not the bottom, but an equally nice front. Still, can't have everything.


    On a related bit (fotowise) it would have been nice to have had fotos taken at "our" / my arrival on the track coming thru the finish line. Did anyone else put their arms up a la tour? I did even tho I was quite a late-ish finisher. I was just so pleased to have done it.
    2 minute grovels can sometimes be a lot longer..tho' shorter on a lighter bike :-)

    Ride the Route Ankerdine Hill 2008
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