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Forth Clyde Canal to Gourouck ferry and Dunoon to Tyndrum

moray_gubmoray_gub Posts: 3,328
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With kids back at school wife back at work and i have 10 days off work next week so i am going to do load up with tent and do a wee Argyll loop from Fife. What i would like to know is the following

best way to get from Forth Clyde Canal to Dunoon ,i am coming in from the North through Kilsyth etc would it be best to stay on canal and shoot over Erskine Bridge or maybe cross the Clyde earlier and navigate through Glasgow. Is there a cycle route from Erskine area to Gourock , as i dont fancy cycling on the A8.

i plan to go from Dunoon to Tyndrum via Inverary through Glen Aray to the North of Loch Awe and then on to Tyndrum, is the road from Dunoon to Inverary to Loch Awe quite scenic and hilly ?

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  • noggincpnoggincp Posts: 1,881
    I've biked a few times from Gourock TO Erskine area on the A8 and to be honest it's really OK unless it's at rush hour.

    Dunoon to Loch Fyne if fine :oops: and reasonably flat but it's a bit lumpy from there to Inveraray- long drag up to main road- but quiet.

    Man I would love to be back in Cowal (was born Dunoon) (now a Lossie loon :P

    did a century last year with some guys from C+ Helensburgh, Rest & b Thankful, Colintraive, Wemyss Bay, over Erskine Bridge - fantsatic
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  • moray_gubmoray_gub Posts: 3,328
    Thanks for that Nogg, ill maybe go along the A8 if its no too bad.Never been over Rest and Be Thankful need to tick that box someday . Lossie eh ? I know it well was born and lived as a kid just along the road from there in a wee village called Portgordon. Sometimes i yearn for the peace and quiet that you find hard to get down here :-)

    Gasping - but somehow still alive !
  • Hi
    Why go to Gourock? You are already atBowling, i would continue up loch lomondside. It will take an over an hour to get to Gourock by which time you would be at Tarbert or beyond and then you can tick the rest and be thankfull. Much much more scenic. So you are not going over same route too much, i would suggest, after R&BT follow the main road to Dunoon, very scenic going along Loch eck side .and flat all the way to Dunoon When you leave Dunoon follow the road to Colintraive ( 1 severe hill after Loch Striven)then take right turn to Strachur (long drag up Glendaruel, with fantastic descent). In Strachur turn left, you are back on road you came along. Was with Noggin last year on the C+ forum ride and also done this in the peeing rain a few weeks ago with the Johnstone wheelers erskine hospital ride .
    Just a thought
    The A8 is ok though, nice and flat, just a little busy through Port Glasgow and Greenock.
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