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Nice to Viareggio - SP1 ?

DamonReadDamonRead Posts: 93
edited August 2007 in Tour & expedition
I want to cycle round the coast from Nice to Viareggio in September, before heading inland to Tuscany.

The SP1 road runs pretty much all the way round, but does anyone know how busy it is?

The Autostrada runs about 5km inland so is presumably taking most of the traffic, but I guess that parts of the SP1 get pretty busy as the area is quite densely populated?

Any advice or knowledge would be appreciated.



  • andypandyp Posts: 8,908
    I've ridden on it between Ventimiglia and Alassio and it wasn't too bad at all. It does get a bit busy in the towns, and you pass through a lot of them, but generally it's a fine road to cycle on, i.e. quite wide and not that much traffic. This was 5 years ago though so it may have gotten busier since then (this is purely anecdotal but traffic in northern Italy does seem to be getting heavier).
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