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Hey guys its been a while since I was last on this site. Right my drama is,I am really starting to enjoy my MTBing. I am a soldier and of course I need to keep fit.I had a really nasty knee injury last year playing rugby.I have recovered from this however where before I would run on most days,now I have been advised by my unit's doc to quit the running all the time. I am a big lad (about 16st) I have the time to train (the army are good like that).I was just wondering if any of the MTBers on this site have a few pointers for me ref fitness training.I know about working at a constant rate over 40 mins or so is the best for weight loss etc. I go out most days on my bike for up to 2 hours at a time ,this includes a few hills (up and down) .Basically I am on Operations next year ,I need to lose a bit more weight and to get fit. I know how to do it gym/running wise however due to my dodgy knee (and old age 35 ) most of my phys training will be on my German full sus enduro bike .Pleas ehelp me out with a few pointers and tips .I will never have a six pack but the clock is ticking and I dont want to get caught out by ''Tommy Taliban'' due to excess love handles.

Thanks in advance

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  • I guess you are a bit of an odd case because of the level of physical activity you are doing, but my first thought is that you are already doing plenty of exercise, perhaps you need to restrict your calorie intake a little to lose weight faster. I wouldn't suggest any big changes, maybe try to reduce by 200 or so calories per day to begin with. How much do you actually need to lose, and how quickly ? By losing weight gradually it is more likely to stay lost.

    My second thought is I would leave time for your body to recover, say two or three days on, one day off. During your "off" days you could do exercises that use different muscles, for example some repetitive gym work or swimming, or even rest.

    My third thought is that you didn't state your height, maybe 16 stone isn't such a problem if you are quite tall or stocky and physically fit. Not all fit people are featherweights.

    My fourth thought is that you are a cheeky sod suggesting that 35 is old !!!

    Finally, take your bike with you and Tommy Taliban won't be able to get near you !

    Marv :wink:
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  • Cheers for the help marv.I am about 5'11'' of prop forward dap. I was wondering does a 2 hour ride with hills help with the wieght loss? I try to get out of breath about 4-5 times on my daily ride and to be honest I am enjoying it. I just hope its enough training,I guess time will tell ,and as soon as I am back in work and my Squadron go out running i will find out if my new training routine works, Once again cheers
    Riding around Osnabruck on my German MTB that nobody has ever heard of 2DANGER EDR full suss ,manitou minute,manitou swinger,Truvative bits and bobs with XT running gear.oh and Mavic rims
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    Hi Pave,
    I started ridding to work 3 times a week (15 mile roundtrip, can do it in 28 minutes each way) about 3 months ago.

    Since then I have lost 1 stone so I should think you will see the results soon. I'm also 5 11 and now weigh 14st 2lbs

    It took 2-3 weeks for the weight loss to kick in mind, maybe your the same!
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    The classic method is to do some 10 minute sessions whilst out on the bike:-

    Go flat out for 30 seconds, then, take it easy for 1 minute. Repeat 7 times, then ride normally for 15 minutes, then do it all again and so on. This will get your fitness level up fairly swiftly.

    I believe in having targets and there are cheap machines out there to enable you to measure your fitness numbers.

    Buy an Aldi Bike computer combined heart rate monitot. These are wireless jobs and cost £12.99 in the UK. You can monitor your calorie burn with this, remembering that 3500 calories is 1 lb of flab. Try to burn about 7000 cals per week on the bike. This, and laying off the booze and chips should get your weight down.

    Your max heart rate is 220 - your age. i.e. 185 for a 35 year old. You should normally exercise in the range 85% - 65% of this figure. The Aldi monitor will enable you to continually clock this and make sure you don't overdo things. For another £35, a blood pressure monitor is a great investment. Ideal figures are high less than 120, low less than 80, resting heart rate less than 60.

    To get fit you have to push yourself for a bit. Theres no other way. A MTB is a fun way to get there.

  • Guys cheers for the advice,it is the exact info I need. I am(should I say was) a pretty fit bloke,however since my knee operations etc etc I had put on a load of weight.Of course with all that excess weight I cannot train as I used to that was long slow runs or tabbing(army speak for rucksack with 40lbs boots and MP3 of you go for a few hours) .So now its the bike for fun and to get my lard off before I start a bit of running .Of course MTBing is great fun as well .Cheers boys

    Riding around Osnabruck on my German MTB that nobody has ever heard of 2DANGER EDR full suss ,manitou minute,manitou swinger,Truvative bits and bobs with XT running gear.oh and Mavic rims
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    I find that, on average, longer rides (3 or 4 hours) make a huge difference to weight loss - much more than say 2 hours. This sound obvious but I really do mean a noticable difference. The level of activity within that time will vary according to fitness and your training programme. Perhaps one long road ride per week and say two or three shorter off road rides - even if they are only an hour. It's good to have variety too - personally I'd buy a cheap road bike.

    As a fellow 35 year old I find beer intake is a huge factor too (not that I do anything about it).

    I've heard that more spices and caffine (especially green tea) can help with weight control but don't overdo it.
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