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Indoor training dvds

ReegesReeges Posts: 12
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I've recently got my hands on a turbo trainer. I was wondering if any of you guys use any of the training Dvds available? If so which ones would you recommend? I was a bit put off by the Americanised titles from Spinervals! I think I'd rather do an hour silently, rather than with an American shouting jargon at me!!!


  • I've seen Spinervals and I'd agree the American "well done you guys, keep it up" can get annoying. If you can get over it, then I'm sure you'd get something out of the training.

    IMHO I would rather spend the same money on a good book that has many training programmes in it. The more you read, the more you know where you need a training focus and how often to do it/when to recover, etc. IMHO money well spent rather than one just 1 training DVD.

    Save your money altogether and spend time online finding as much as possible about training.

    I'm currently in week 5 of the Lance Armstorng Performance programme(Intermediate) and it's working. My base endurance is improving and in 2 weeks I'll be riding 1hr at tempo which currently is 235 watts(80% MHR). After 1 week off I'll start doing interval training.
  • campagonecampagone Posts: 270
    I've got the Tacx Alpine Classic Marmotte dvd and the Passo Del Gavia one, they have many others aswell but they are slightly expensive at £19.99. Basically its a video filmed on a motorcycle going up the famous climbs, the marmotte has the Galibier and Alpe Duez.
    I set the resistence really high and try to replicate what it would be like on the real climb adjusting the resistence accordingly, though it must be said a turbo can never compare to the real thing.
    The only problem with the video I find is the motorcycle goes up the hill quite a bit faster than a bike would, overtaking many on the way, therfore I play the dvd at half or 3/4 speed.
    Find them at but make shure you go for the 'video cycling' dvds, the 'real video' are intended for the I-magic trainers and won't work in a dvd player.
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    Try rick kiddle, he has two dvd's both are pretty good and pass an hour or so easily, or like me ten minutes warm up followed by ten minute cool down

    You'll find them at

    cheers G
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