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Fork and shock bottom out

Stu 74Stu 74 Posts: 463
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Just wondering, what happens if your forks or rear shock reach the end of their travel after taking a big hit? Does this damage the forks or shock? What does it feel like if this happens when riding?




  • Big Red SBig Red S Posts: 26,890
    They're designed with it in mind.
    There is a bumper designed as a last resort (you can see it on coil shocks, it's a cone-shaped ring of rubber round the shaft) and that basically dissipates the energy.

    It feels like the suspension suddenly ending, sometimes with a 'thunk' to go with it.
  • Stu 74Stu 74 Posts: 463

  • wwjjttwwjjtt Posts: 204
    you don't wanna be hitting the bump stop to hard though. you might need a harder spring or more air in them if they are air preload.
  • Spoony ManSpoony Man Posts: 132
    as long as it's not slamming hard i believe if your shock/forks are set properly (for DH/FR bikes anyhows) your fork/shock should bottom out gently once or twice every ride - otherwise you might as well have less travel!
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