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GT Avalanche 1.0 versus Avalanche 2.0

Stu_HStu_H Posts: 13
edited July 2007 in MTB buying advice
I have £500 to spend to replace my GT Outpost, I was set on on the 1.0 but saw the 2.0. The LBS said that the frame was the same, both have hydraulic discs, however the only real difference seems to be the 1.0 has 9 speed, the 2.0 has 8 speed.

The 1.0 is £499, the 2.0 is £399. Is the extra gear worth £100 ??

I know this may sound over simple or have I missed something in the spec.

Was set on the 1.0, but is it worth the extra money ? :?:

Thank you for the help


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    The fork is better, with 32mm alloy stanchions, and seperate compression and rebound circuits. Also the wheelset is improved, and a better crank. Basically they are equally good value, you are fetting an extra 100 quid of kit.
  • Stu_HStu_H Posts: 13
    Thanks for the quick response, I should have read the spec better.

    The 1.0 it is then.

    Thanks again
  • i've rode the 1.0 for a while now and it's the bizz..i've gave it a good hammering and it's never let me down...will be a great purchase. :wink:
    where are my lungs
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