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Rust on chain

pdrolopdrolo Posts: 127
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My bike is 2 weeks old - last week I had to leave it outsise the caravan I was staying at - I have noticed the chain has some light rust on it ....whats the best way to deal with - should I wd40 it ? - or just put some lubricant on the chain ?
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  • Light surface rust is cosmetic and provided that you lube the chain properly and regularly it should not affect performance. It will tend to wear off wherever the chain contacts the sprockets, but will probably remain on the side plates.

    You could use WD40 but I would recommend a proprietary chain lube that will stay in place longer and resist being washed off to some extent. I use Finish Line Wet Lube and Finish Line Teflon Dry Lube - depending on the time of year - but there are loads.

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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    Arg WD40 is the worst thing to put near a chain. Its main use is as a water displacer not a lube.

    get some good chain lube and look after the chain.

    it should be noted that cheap bikes have cheap chains that do rust.
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  • RockhopperRockhopper Posts: 503
    Even expensive bikes have chains that rust, at least the one on my Stumpy Comp did!
  • wwjjttwwjjtt Posts: 204
    as stated by nick, wd40, gt85, bike spray and anything similar are not chain lube-even though everyone in the world seems to think they are. they are good for dispersing water after you clean it and i find that my black frame sometimes looks dull- a quick squirt of gt85 and a rub in with paper rag and it's shiny again! good if your selling a bike! also works on tires but not good with brakes.

    your chain will rust unless you use propper chain oil. you can get wet dry and all-round formular's so ask in your lbs for advice.

    any chain will rust-but not if it's properly looked after.
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