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chain tugs - inside the drop out or outside?

yinyayinya Posts: 21
edited July 2007 in Road general
when using the chaintugs for horizontal drop-outs - you put them on the outside or inside of the frame? probably outside, right?


  • Normally the outside.

    There is however a useful trick that I've used more than once. If the hub's OLN is narrower than the track end spacing then you can put the tugs on the inside to take up the slack. I've done this on a 7 speed frame (126mm) with a track hub (120mm) OK they weren't 3mm thick, but they took up enough of the space that the steel frame could flex the rest of the way. It saved me cold setting the frame.
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  • this is ecactly what i was planning to do for my fixie build exceptr i was giong to get my brother to machine up some cusom tugs 3mm thick out of some of the scrap titanium he gets from a mate in the aerospace industry,

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