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Aston Hill XC Course

CoolnickCoolnick Posts: 380
edited July 2007 in MTB rides
Anyone been here that can give me some feedback on what it's like and if it's worth a look?
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  • Went there a couple of months ago and to be honest it wasn't all that good. When I went it wasn't really very well signposted but as far as I could work out the XC course just linked all the downhill bits together with some pretty arduous uphill singletrack. If the place is wet it's a slippy-slidy chalky nightmare, but I imagine there's a bit of fun to be squeezed out of it in the dry. The 4X course is worth a look too- if only to gain a new found respect for 4X riders (balls of STEEL!).
    Still, considering the place is pretty easy to get to on public transport and so close to London it's worth a look- but the 7 Stanes it ain't.
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