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Finally decided what type of bike i'm going to get!

JumperSimon14JumperSimon14 Posts: 284
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I was thinking that a full suspension bike for what i will be doing is too expensive and that i don't need it so i was thinking when the 2008 models come out to get a Giant XTC Zero or XTC 1 or maybe a Felt RXC Pro or Elite.

Any one have any of these four and what they think say something.

Any suggestions?
Giant XTC 2.5 '08
Felt Virtue 3 '10
Giant Defy 2 '11
Giant Terrago Disc '07 - Convereted for CX
Fit Team Park Bmx '08

Which bike? 0 votes

Giant XTC Zero
0% 0 votes
Giant XTC 1
0% 0 votes
Felt RXC Pro
0% 0 votes
Felt RXC Elite
0% 0 votes


  • I'm afraid my reply would be none of the above. When chosing my new bike last year I whittled it down to GT (Avalanche Expert / Zaskar Pro) or Trek (6900 or 8000). Settled for the Trek 8000 because I got a brilliant deal. Love it.

    I started with the general style of bike i was after (lightweight XC hardtail) then looked at the equipment list and in particular the suspension fork - I always think it's worth getting the best fork you can afford. Then i checked user reviews and finally visited LBS for a try out. Bought on the net though.

    At the time the GT and Trek were head and shoulders ahead of anything else in terms of performance and value for money. Of course that was last year and things may have changed.

    If i had to chose a Felt, it would be the Virtue.

    What tree ? ...........

    Trek 8000 ZR XC hardtail.
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